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Craftsmanship at Eshtaa is based on three simple ideas


Our definition of craftsmanship at Eshtaa is based on three simple ideas. For us, you can’t be a master craftsman overnight: it comes with years – or even generations – of learning, practising and experience. Next to that, although we are not against new technologies, we believe in employing traditional skills, handmaking at an ultra-high level. Finally, it’s about attention to detail. Look closely at a piece of jewellery we’ve made and you’ll notice the tiny details that set it apart and make it entirely different from another piece. One artisan, one piece of jewellery: that’s true craftsmanship.

Our designer draws inspirational designs from modern themes with a wide range of styles of glamour, magic designs of fusion and from other celebratory occasions. With hard work of our designers, Eshtaa is able to design unique tribal fusion jewelry that resonates with our users and provide them what they need. While designing the jewelry, we take special care to provide long lasting comfort and flexibility to the person who is using it. Our experts design excellent jewellery.
From the first ideas and concepts or rough sketches to the exquisite detail of a gouache drawing, the proposed jewellery design comes to life like a little work of art.Under the expert eye of our workshop manager, no compromise is made when it comes to seeking perfection. At each stage of production, each jewelry undergoes a rigorous inspection to ensure that our exacting standards are maintained for each and every jewel.

The quality craftsmanship involved in creating the perfect piece of jewellery takes expertise and skill, both of which can be found within the walls of our workshop.From the initial inspiration to the final piece, our jewellery is created on-site. We ensure that every single piece is finished to the highest standard, and all of the pieces meet the highest standards