10 Ways to Style Statement Earrings for Any Occassion

Do you want the fastest way to knock down any outfit? Look for a crazy gem. And at this moment, there is nothing hotter than a pair of shiny and shiny earrings. However, designing them can be a bit complicated. The statement earrings are probably something you’ve been admiring but never dared to try to incorporate into your outfit. Maybe, are they part of your everyday aspect? Or maybe you spend a lot of time in the mornings trying to decide what kind of clothes you need to wear your thick high-heeled pants? Whatever the reason may have led you to this blog, we are happy to share with you these 10 ways to┬áStyle Statement Earrings to carry your sets.

1. Keep other minimum jewelry. These earrings are called “statements” for a reason: you want them to be the main attraction. Delicate rings are fine on your hands, but do not force the limits with a collar.

2. Feel free to mix colors and patterns. Some ladies prefer a palette of colors combined with their earrings and outfits, but they will also make you see the heads in a pop of contrasting color.

3. Break them during the day. Yes, your first thought is to “go out at night,” but you can absolutely shake these babies with a blazer during the day (if your office allows it) or a t-shirt on weekends. Again, simply keep everything else to the minimum.

4. Experiment with your hair. A ponytail or updo is the most efficient way to show your trinkets, but is not it great to get away from what you expected? Statement earrings looks just as interesting looking under some loose barrel curls

5. Combine the earrings of your statement with a black outfit: all black outfits always need a touch of color or shine to highlight the style. It can be a pastel bag, or shoes or even better: bright and shiny earrings.

6. Style Statement Earrings with tied chambray shirt and a full white midi skirt: this spring you can look casually elegant with a tied chambray shirt, paired with a full white midi skirt and some white accessories.

7. Statement earrings with black midi skirt and denim jacket If you prefer to wear a black midi skirt and a denim jacket instead of a shirt, we have another suggestion for you. You can find similar ones on our website.

8. Complement your blouse with bare shoulders and your ripped jeans with some Style Statement Earrings. What a beautiful boho suit for a perfect day! An off-the-shoulder blouse and a pair of very modern ripped jeans can give you a more comfortable and elegant look. However, there are three things that make it stand out from the crowd: a large bag, large earrings and large platforms, which say they go well or go home, we totally agree with respect to this outfit we have here.

9. Turquoise earrings are the best for black suits All black outfits never go out of style. Red lips and turquoise earrings can be the things that attract attention. The style of the street has never been as vibrant as now when the jewels of the declaration rule the world.

10. Statement earrings combined with a very patterned outfit Many fashion experts say that if you wear a very patterned garment you should not personalize it, some say it is a rule not to wear a necklace and earrings. God, you have to prove that everything is wrong. Be brave in your outfits and you can win big.

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