5 Summer Styling Tips to Look Cool While Beating the Heat

Summer styling can be tricky. With the heat blazing down on you, it becomes quite difficult to choose from common styling tips like layering your clothes/jewellery, color of clothes, the fabric etc. With the number of options reduced, it is a little challenging to dress up with all the latest trends running down. Just follow these easy and simple tips and tricks to look chic, classy and in mode.

1. Hang on to Something Loose:

The looser, the better. Looser clothes would make you feel much more comfortable. The lesser the fabric touches your skin, the less stickiness and less sweat would add up to your summer fun. A flowy maxi dress and a loose tank top would definitely make you feel much better than tight shorts and skintight top.

2. Layer Smartly:

Just because summers are here, it does not mean that you have to say bye bye to layering. Layering jewellery might be tricky but layering clothes can be easy. A scarf or light drape kimono with a tank top can look stylish and comfortable.

3. Give Attention to Your Fabric:

The fabric that you choose matter a lot. Some clothes are actually very sticky too depending on their design and the material they are made with. Fabric such as cotton can actually feel quite dry as they are great at absorbing sweat too. You should also go for light colors as compared to dark colors. Like go for light pink, blue instead of darker shades, choose white over black etc.

4. Use a Scarf:

Not only will scarf protect you from the scorching sun and keep your hair off your face and neck, it will also add a statement to your fashion style. You can also use the scarf to tie your hair whenever you need it.

5. Wear Minimal Jewellery:

Almost all the jewellery can stick to your skin and cause irritation like necklaces or even simple pendant chain. Bracelets can warm up your wrist skin, which is apparently a major cooling part of your body. Some metal jewellery can also get hot due to the sun and add up to the already existing heat.

One more thing that is the best tip of all is keeping head high and holding confidence. Just have a positive attitude and feel free to mix and match and innovate with your styles. Who knows, you might be the next trendsetter.

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